Installation Specifications



Standard ½’’ average joint width but can vary from 3/8’’ – ¾’’. Standard gray, white, or complimentary grout color.

Helpful Tip: Grout color choice will have a dramatic affect on the appearance of your project, discuss options with your installer for the final decision.


Size: Latitude series stone consists of stones featuring a nominal height of 2.5’’, 5’’, 7.5’’ and 9’’. Lengths vary from 3’’ to 20’’ (nominal).

Thickness: 3’’ (nominal)

Weight: 20 to 24lbs. per square foot.

Packaging: Packaged per pallet in large boxes, (80 square foot flat stone) Coverage area is based on installation with a 3/8’’ mortar joint, when purchasing Eaves Stone Latitude series, ask about additional packaging options.


Pattern: Latitude Series stone is designed to be installed in a traditional Horizontal Ashlar pattern. Do not install stones vertically. Depending on the required coverage area, blend the stone from several different boxes/pallets to ensure proper color and size variation.

Vertical Joints: Avoid vertical joints exceeding the height of the largest stone. Horizontal Joints: Should not exceed 4’ – 6’ in continuous length.

String Lines: Installer should use string lines/coursing poles to ensure a straight and level pattern. Installation Info: Latitude Series stone is a stone veneer that requires the use of masonry ties during installation, refer to local building codes for quantity of ties required.

Sealing: Eaves Stone Latitude Series does not require sealing, however, if installed on an exterior exposed to excessive water, we suggest sealing with an approved product to protect the stone from staining during freeze-thaw cycles.

  • PPE (personal protective equipment) Safety glasses, Dust mask, etc.
  • Type N or S masonry cement
  • Masonry sand
  • Local building code approved non-corrosive wall ties Mason’s line
  • 4′ minimum bubble level
  • Trowel
  • Cut-off saw
  • Mortar-mixing equipment
  • Soft bristle brush

Installation Diagram

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